Join the Association of Technicians
in the Audiovisual Industry in Luxembourg

ALTA welcomes any technician that has either:

  • one year of experience in the Luxembourgish film industry, or
  • a diploma in a relevant field.
Our membership fee is €35 per year, to be renewed every January.

As an ALTA member you can:

  • Access the members' area on our website
  • Stay up to date through our industry guide and news
  • Receive a discount on a Filmakademie membership card
  • Get a professional accreditation to the Lux Film Festival
  • Create an online profile for our ALTA members' search
  • Get involved in our work groups and projects

As a member, your interests will be represented by our Board of Directors at:

  • Film Fund Luxembourg (FONSPA)
  • Sociétés de Production Luxembourgeoises (ULPA)
  • Ministère de la Culture
  • Commission Consultative du Ministère de la Culture (Intermittent du spectacle)
  • Filmakademie
  • Union Luxembourgeoise des Associations du Secteur Culturel (ULASC)

How to Apply

Apply by sending us your CV and/or diploma through our contact form below.
Your application will be reviewed by our board members.