The Association of
Technicians in the Audiovisual Industry in Luxembourg

ALTA is the Association of Technicians in the Audiovisual industry in Luxembourg. We represent more than 100 professionals working regularly or periodically in the development, production or post-production of audiovisual projects for cinema, television, animation, gallery spaces and online platforms in Luxembourg. Our membership is comprised of professionals from a diverse range of fields, including camera, lighting, digital and sound technicians, over production crews and creatives in hair, makeup, special effects and post-production.

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What we do

ALTA is dedicated to fostering a vibrant audiovisual industry in Luxembourg, where workers are represented and their voices are heard. Through our platform and network, we elevate audiovisual talent and advocate for workers’ rights among the main institutional and cultural players in Luxembourg. We also organise training opportunities, hold work groups, throw gatherings and showcase the professional skills and talent of our members on our website.

ALTA's objectives:

  • Advocate for the professional interests of our members and provide them with career development opportunities
  • Represent our members and defend their rights with institutions and interest groups involved in shaping the Luxembourgish film industry
  • Raise awareness among cultural policy actors of the working and living conditions of technicians and workers in the audiovisual industry

Our advocacy work

We defend the professional interests and rights of our members with institutions and interest groups shaping our industry and the cultural landscape in Luxembourg. In addition, we raise awareness among cultural policymakers of our members’ working and living conditions and professional needs.

ALTA represents its members at:

  • Film Fund Luxembourg (FONSPA)
  • Sociétés de Production Luxembourgeoises (ULPA)
  • Ministère de la Culture
  • Commission Consultative du Ministère de la Culture (Intermittent du spectacle)
  • Filmakademie
  • Union Luxembourgeoise des Associations du Secteur Culturel (ULASC)
  • Our values

    We believe that our community is not only an integral part of the artistic and cultural fabric of Luxembourg but also the foundation for quality audiovisual content and products ‘made in Luxembourg’.

    To promote a healthy and friendly industry, we pursue:

    • Fair working conditions
      We consider safe and fair working conditions to be the basis of a healthy industry.
    • Good practice
      We encourage our community to follow good practice and maintain professionalism on set and beyond.
    • Inclusivity
      We oppose any form of harassment or discrimination towards people because of their race, ability, gender, sexuality, age, religion or any other characteristic.

    Our story

    Before ALTA was created, film and audiovisual technicians were represented by the Association of Technicians and Actors/rices in Cinema asbl (ATAC). At this time, the Luxembourgish film industry was still in its infancy and lacked a funding system for audiovisual projects as well as the ‘intermittence du spectacle’. When multiple film projects were cancelled between 2005 and 2008, film technicians in Luxembourg realized the specific challenges and needs of their working conditions and decided to raise their concerns with producers and institutions as a community. In this spirit, ALTA was founded in 2008 by 19 of those technicians. Today, we are proud to represent more than 100 members.

    Board Members

    Carlo Thiel

    Philippe Kohn

    Emilie Franco

    Justine Thomas

    Amandine Klee

    Pascal Charlier

    Gilbert Degrand

    Morris Kemp

    Rae Lyn Lee

    Yasin Özen

    Laurent Schiltz

    Elly Verduyckt

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