Industry Overview

Navigating the audiovisual industry in Luxembourg can be tricky. Here is an overview of some of the most important points to consider when getting started.

Economic status: What are the common options?

Most of our members work on temporary projects as a ‘self-employed person’ (‘indépendant/e’) and/or on a fixed-term employment contract (‘contrat à durée déterminé’ or ‘CDD’). Learn about the conditions of these statuses and contracts below.

Social benefits: Which systems are out there?

In Luxembourg, there are two systems through which you can claim financial help between projects or during times of inactivity:

  • Unemployment benefits: the conventional benefits for any employed person in Luxembourg (excluding self-employed/freelance workers)
  • Intermittence du spectacle: a system adopted from France which is designed specifically for workers in the performing arts
Learn more about these two systems below to help you get started.



Fixed-Term Contracts (‘CDD’)


Intermittence du Spectacle


Unemployment Benefits Scheme